Fathul Huzir Bin AyobExecutive Director
B.BM (Hons) Marketing UiTM, Dip. ACC UiTM

Fathul Huzir bin Ayob is an experienced in Marketing, Branding & Business Development Program more than 5 years. As a member of FELDA United FC (FUFC), he shows personality as a great professional. He also has over than 10 years experiences in Business and Accountancy. He helps to develop business and made a branding for FUFC.

He graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) for Bachelor with an Honor in Business Management (Marketing) and Accountancy. He joined FELDA United FC and stayed there for 5 years until now. During this period, he was in charge of various marketing from small to large corporations, including listed company. In performing his duties he was also required to manage many events and promotion that he created by his self and provide recommendations for improvement. Besides that, his duties include finding sponsorship for FELDA United to support management of FUFC.

He got many ideas and skills about sponsorship and marketing from his experiences to achieve company’s goal and to make client satisfied with Procheck Faculty services.